A Top of the Line Quality Daycare & Academic Facility and Growing Experience for Scholars of All Ages. The Children’s Space Learning Academy (CSLA) of Southwest Philadelphia is predicated on one goal: enhance the productivity within our young scholars in an interactive and fun way. In fact, it’s in our mission statement which is as follows:

“Children’s Space Learning Academy is a quality caring and learning center vowing to nurture grow and cultivate learning in order to enhance productivity within our young scholars.”

CSLA offers many services for children ages 2 months up until 12 years. Our childcare facility focuses strongly on interactive learning and growth, allowing our young scholars to enjoy themselves in a productive setting. We exercise their motor skills while developing their self-confidence and building friendships with other students. Your child will benefit through our interactive and fun program whether they are enrolled full-time, part-time, or even a quick drop-off for Mom to get a workout in.

What Can CSLA Do For You and Your Child?

As certified, well-trained, nurturing caregivers, we provide an atmosphere that facilitates learning and development while encouraging laughter, comfort, and communication. Here, your young scholar will develop both the social skills necessary to succeed while also benefitting from an enriched learning environment.

What Separates CSLA from the Average Daycare?

Your child will be encouraged to stay active as they are constantly engaged in field trips, library visits, cooking, and educational classes. For a more detailed guide of the events, your child will enjoy, check out our activities page.

At CSLA we understand that not every child is of the same learning level or at the same developmental stage. Therefore, we alter our methods for each child. On our services page we detail our plans to enhance productivity and cater to the individual needs of our students.